Face and Body Spin Brush

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This cleaning system uses a rotating brush to help keep your skin looking younger and healthier. The spinning head removes embedded dirt and oil, resulting in healthier, more beautiful skin. Remarkably gentle for cleansing all skin types, including sensitive skin conditions such as rosacea and acne. Your pores appear smaller, fine lines and wrinkles appear reduced and your skin tone and texture improves . The rotating action polishes away aged skin and rejuvenates tissues while it smoothes away stress lines, sun and time. Helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores, superficial sun damage, superficial scars and age spots.  

4 in 1 Face and Body spin brush is a waterproof unit which is ideal for usage in the bathroom, but do NOT use it under water.  It operates with 4 exchangeable attachments: big brush, small brush, pumice and face sponge.It operates with 4 exchangeable attachments: big brush, small brush, pumice and face sponge.

Small brush:
Face brush is made of very soft bristles, specially designed for tender face skin. For exfoliation, to achieve the best result, you should first clean your face
Apply brush with your favorite cleanser. Gently, move the brush across your face while making circular movements.

Big brush:
Big Brush is supposed to be applied on hand and body
Apply soap or cleaner on hand or body, then gently move the brush on your skin surface in circles.

Face Sponge:
Cosmetic soft sponge gently massages your skin to activate skin activity to make skin elastic and greatly helps nutrition absorption of your beauty creams used to prevent and erase fine lines and black spots.

Pumice:Apply pumice on foot and move in circles. During rotation, pumice efficiently removes hard cells at elbow or under foot while brushes spin them away.